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I am not depressed but very disillusioned with the rat race, endless consumption, insane baby boomers, insane government, insane social media/device addiction. I just want to live in a cabin on my own land, grow cactus, play mandolin, and cook food/spend time with my kids. Literally all I want to do with the rest of my life. Turn 42 this summer.

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High-def video is not the best friend of your average porn star. Zits and stretch marks jut out like a topographical map of the Himalayas.


What's the point of existence?

You only exist for this one moment. The past and future don't exist for you. Your body and brain will exist at other times (slightly altered), but those are different instances of consciousness, not you. All “you” are is the specific sense of self that you are feeling at this moment.

It will be an eternally true fact of the universe that you exist at this place and this time. So reflect on and appreciate your peaceful eternal now.


Winner winner chicken dinner.

We will gladly pay higher taxes for the ability to have free healthcare, not own a car, and live somewhere that is not so polluted.

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I agree with the premise but a hand-wavy 'manage moar better' doesn't strike me as a feasible solution.

At a deeper (very generalized) level, we've been infected by production line, Deming style, efficiency focus.

If you are handling previously defined routines, great. Optimizing can help you.

As soon as you are working with adding value, be it in code, education, product development, metrics are /all/ premature optimization.

Promote the idea that you can't apply optimization techniques to creative steps and encourage managers to get off the numerical crutches and make value judgments. Takes a better manager but then that's the point anyway, right?


Trump is a malicious clown but IMO he's got a real chance at a second term. It's the economy, stupid.

I was a classic victim of the great recession. I was successful and happy to live my little life. The worries started in 2008 when the financial company I was with had to close its doors rather suddenly. I had experienced hiccups in my career before, or moved jobs before, but this was like nothing I'd ever seen. For my talent and experience, I couldn't get arrested. I lost everything.

So went the next eight years.

I struggled and I moved around, place to place, trying to get back to good, but it felt like the opportunities that had once been there were gone and it felt like forever. I sold t-shirts for a while. I went from excess to floating bills, and trying to keep the lights on.

I always vote, but I didn't vote last round. I couldn't. I thought Trump was crazy and Hilary was ... well, no.

These past two years have seen a change that I would never have thought possible. The economy rebounded so fast that I wasn't sure what was happening. And then doors began to open again, and I walked through one of them and now I have my life back again.

I'm not a kid, I've seen presidents come and go, but I've never felt an effect as tangible as what I am experiencing now. This is deeply personal to me – my life has changed.

I still think Trump is a little crazy, but I'm down with it and I will literally run to the polls to re-elect him. And if you think I'm the exception, you're nuts. There are millions of me who have seen their worlds slowly come back again or get tangibly and personally better. That's a story that hasn't been told through politics in a very long time.

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Two things come to mind. First, complexity can be used as a wonderful shield against openness and accountability. You can be as open and accountable as anybody would like, but as long as most people find the situation impenetrable and you do not, it doesn't matter. It's the same thing as not being open at all.


Channna ham nah channa channa OOOOoOOooOOOoeAaaAAaAAaaAAAhHHHhhHheeeEeEEeEAaAaeEEEEEeeEEeE AAaaEeeEeeeaaaaAAaAaaEEeEEoOoOOooOeEEeAAaAahHHhhhHEeeEeEEEoO ooOOO


Mongol General: “What is best in life?”

Conan: “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.”

Mongol General: “That is good!”


Everything, everything is looking dreary There's too many people in the world and far too much pollution in the air. Everything I used to love has turned to shit All the world's gone bankrupt now and it Doesn't look like things can soon improve I'm noticably older than I was Definitely fatter just because I no longer feel the need to move. Well, what do you do when the world around you makes you so depressed? What do you do when you've lost the motivation to get dressed?

Pretend that you are happy And smile when you're feeling blue If you pretend you're happy You'll start to believe it's true It's better to fake a smile Than fill the world with woe So just pretend you're happy And nobody will know.

Bloody hell, bloody hell the world is scary Cos there's nothing but corruption and destruction and reality TV Every day, every day I slowly realise Every single thing I used to know and trust is run by people just like me! One at a time I'm losing touch with my Former friends and lately it seems I Never ring the contacts in my phone Every time I breathe, it could be my last breath And I'm getting closer to my death For which I will probably be alone Well, what do you do when you've lost all the ambitions you once had What do you do when the slightest inconvenience makes you sad?

Pretend that you are happy And smile when you're feeling down If your friends think you're happy They'll still want you around. You'll realise it's important To be glad with what you've got So just pretend you're happy And keep quiet if you're not!

Pretend that you are happy And smile when you're feeling blue If you pretend you're happy You'll start to believe it's true It's better to fake a smile Than fill the world with woe... So just pretend you're happy And nobody will know.